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Technical Qualifications

  • Programming Languages:

    TypeScript, JavaScript, C#, C++, C, Java, Assembly
  • Technologies:

    AWS, Node.js, React, HTML5, CSS3, .NET Framework, JSON, AJAX, ASP.NET, MVC, Razor, WCF, SQL
  • Tools:

    VS Code, Visual Studio, Git, ADO, Sitecore, Perforce
  • Databases:

    MS SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL

Personal Qualifications

  • Task-oriented, motivated by the intellectual challenge of software development.
  • Highly prolific and proficient programmer.
  • Highly motivated, able to complete tasks with little supervision.
  • Strong communication skills and a team player.
  • Able to learn new technologies quickly.
  • Very strong problem solving and research skills.

Personal Experience

Work Experience

Senior Software Engineer, Hagerty Insurance Agency, 2006-Present

Senior member of the valuation team responsible for developing and maintaining services to access valuation data. Duties include writing and maintaining services, AWS lambdas, OpenSearch and DynamoDB using TypeScript and Node.js. Other responsibilities include mentoring junior team members and writing documentation.

  • Lead developer on Hagerty's valuation tools site; a single page web app using HTML5, TypeScript and AngularJS on the client, RESTful Web API services on the server.
  • Lead developer on project to integrate Hagerty's quoting services with partner's agent quoting platform
  • Lead developer on project to integrate Hagerty's policy management system with Insuresoft's Diamond Claims system.
  • Lead developer on projects to rewrite customer service web site for customers to get quotes, fill out applications, maintain policies and file claims.
  • Technical lead on project to implement Sitecore CMS in house.

Senior Software Engineer, CA (formerly Computer Associates), 2005-2006

Senior member of the team primarily responsible for the project management module of Clarity, the leading enterprise IT governance web application. Duties included writing, tuning, and maintaining complex SQL statements, debugging and supporting existing code, and researching and developing new features.

  • Was the key developer responsible for porting the Open Workbench C++ project scheduling algorithm to Java and integrating it into Clarity.
  • Was responsible for supporting and maintaining Clarity's data warehousing module, written in PL/SQL for both Oracle and SQL Server

Senior Software Engineer, Niku Corporation, 2000-2005

Part of a core team of engineers that created, from the ground up, Niku's flagship product, Clarity. Participated in the design and implementation of all levels of a multi-tiered, thin client architecture utilizing Java, HTML, SQL, XML, and XSLT. This massive project required a large amount of teamwork and cooperation between many teams in three different locations across the country. Duties included project development lead, writing feature specifications and technical documentation, working with testing and support to resolve bugs and customer issues, maintaining and optimizing code, and mentoring new hires.

  • Designed and developed the browser based timesheet module, the most heavily used part of the app.
  • Designed and developed a genetic algorithm used to quickly find optimal scenarios for the portfolio optimization tool.
  • Developed and maintained the core project and portfolio management module.

Software Engineer

, ABT Corporation, 1998-2000

Junior member of the development team responsible for developing and maintaining project management software. Primarily used Java technologies including applets, servlets, JNI and swing.

  • Was the key developer in designing a web based project management app using servlets, XML and XSLT.
  • Worked on a project to implement a timesheet application that included a service to extract data from the database and send it to the web server, a Servlet that supplied the data to a timesheet applet, and the timesheet applet.
  • Created JNI applications written in C++ to support Java code in Windows.
  • Intern project: Wrote a database validation program for Windows using C++ and MFC.


Sonoma State University

, Rohnert Park, CA

B.S., Computer Science
Graduated Cum Laude and with Distinction