About WorldTree Software.

WorldTree Software was conceived by JM Gustafson in 1995. He was in college majoring in computer science at the time when he took three classes that put the gears in motion. The first was Introduction to Computer Programming. Although he had been programming on his own since the 80's, this was his first intorduction to Windows programming (before that he programmed the VIC-20 and Amiga). The next class was Calculus. There he learned about derivatives and integrals and finding roots. The final class was Comparative Mythology. There he learned of the similarities between mythologies from around the world. One such archetype he learned about was the World Tree.

How did these three come together? JM was using one of those TI-85 graphing calculators in his calculus class. He also wanted something to program with his new Window's Pascal compiler. Then he thought, wouldn't it be great if you could do the graphing on a computer, with colored graphs and a large screen? So he sat down with his new found mathematical knowledge and hacked out a graphing program called QuickGraph. He decided to start selling it as shareware and needed a name for his new software company so he named it after that archetype from his mythology class. WorldTree Software was born.

Quickgraph did well as a shareware program (drop me a line if you remember it) but JM soon graduated and started working full time as a software engineer. This left little time to support Quickgraph so he dropped the project for a while. A couple years later his focus turned to developing online games using Java applets. He developed a couple of very popular online games under the WorldTree Software title; Santa's Helper and Stone Game.

In 2010 JM started to get interested in HTML5 and Javascript programming. Out of this new addiction came a whole host of web apps, many of which were ported from old Java applications. In 2011 the site got a complete makeover using HTML5.