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HTML5 Web Application Development by Example

By JM Gustafson
ISBN: 9781849695947

HTML5 Web Application Development by Example

This book teaches you the basics of writing HTML5 applications from start to finish. You'll learn by example how to create rich, interactive web applications from the ground up using HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery.

  • Packed with example applications that show you how to create rich, interactive applications and games.
  • Shows you how to use the most popular and widely supported features of HTML5.
  • Full of tips and tricks for writing more efficient and robust code while avoiding some of the pitfalls inherent to JavaScript.
  • Learn how to create professional looking applications using new CSS3 styles and responsive design.
  • Learn how to compress, package, and distribute your web applications on the Internet for fun or for profit.

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If you are looking for the examples from the book you can see them here.

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